As the name suggests, Aerial Photography defines the process of capturing pictures above the ground, or while in the air. These types of photos have numerous uses and applications across a plethora of research fields, artistic photography and touristic purposes. Aerial photography has gradually cemented its importance not just for its beauty and usefulness, but also for its significance in helping us interpret, discover and map out the world as we know it.

But precisely what does it entail? What does it mean and what are the various essential tips and components that define it? To understand this and more, kindly read on.… Read More

5 Best Thermal Cameras of 2017 Reviewed

Thermal Camera For Image

Best Thermal Cameras Review

Thermal Cameras – also known as Infrared Cameras – are devices that use the infrared portion of the electromagnetic radiant energy spectrum to create images. Unlike visible light-dependent cameras, Thermal cameras work in an environment without light and can penetrate haze, fog, smoke as well as other obscured places or objects.

All objects in the universe emit heat or infrared energy. A Thermal Camera is technically a heat sensor that detects the temperature of the surface of an object and interprets it as an image.

There are many different types of Infrared Imaging Cameras. This guide highlights five of the best thermal cameras of 2017.  Some of these links point to camera reviews on the website, ThermalCameras.Guide, so you can learn more about them.

1. The Flir Tg165 Infrared Camera

Thermal Camera

The FLIR TG165 Infrared Camera presents a masterpiece of the thermal Read More

Two Of The Best DSLR Cameras

Popular Cameras

Best DSLR cameras under $1000

The Pentax K-70

Popular Cameras Pentax K-70


The Pentax K-70 is among the best DSLR cameras that come at a pocket-friendly price. A camera with such specifications and features is like a once in a lifetime opportunity. The features range from a 24 -megapixel APS-C sensor that is accompanied by an anti-aliasing simulator. Also, it has a tilting LED screen, the camera is designed to be weather-resistant, and it has an 11-point SAFOX X Hybrid AF system, 1080p video image quality capability accompanied by a simultaneous shooting speed of 30, 25, 24 and six frames per second. Among the other features of the camera are a Pixel Shift Resolution System, an anti-aliasing filter simulator, and also High Dynamic Range mode.

The Pentax K-70 also has an optical viewfinder with a high accuracy of film coverage, dust removal as well as shake-reduction systems, … Read More

Popular Camera- Nikon D5300 Review

Popular Camera Nikon


When capturing memories in full high definition, the Nikon D5300 is a reliable option. When it was launched, it came as part of Nikon’s ongoing D5000 series. It is an improvement on Nikon’s previous products, the D5100 and D5200. The camera has impressive specifications which interest any budding photographer. One feature that stands out is the DX-format sensor much like the D5200 which is in the high resolution creating a product with the ability to produce highly detailed images.

NIKON D5300 Specifications

Popular Camera Nikon D5300

Nikon D5300 has received positive reviews due to its significant improvements as compared to Nikon cameras preceding it in the series. The best camera reviews are quick to point the removal of the micro-blurring optical low-pass filter (anti-aliasing filter) the result is a camera producing images with higher resolution.

Most studies acknowledge the importance of the Expeed 4 image-processing engine which is … Read More

Some Best Aerial Photography Tips

Aerial Photography Tips


Photographers over time have produced some incredible images that have withstood the test of time. It has taken photography to new heights making it art. It becomes a creative process whereby a would-be photographer has to think about their subjects and scenes. It’s no longer as simple as taking a photograph. one has to make it, know where to stand or to take the photo from with the knowledge that in every picture, two parties are involved, the photographer and the viewer.

Aerial photography operates on a whole different level since the camera is not mounted on a still surface and requires more skills to pull off successfully. It doesn’t convey the feeling of being up in the air. It works on the principal of isolation since when in the air the views can be panoramic, forward, sideways at an 189-degree stretch of the … Read More

10 Great Digital Cameras of 2016

Popular Cameras Photography

Popular Cameras: Digital Cameras Of 2016

Cameras come in a variety of brands. Each and every brand has its features and specifications. So as to outline the best cameras in 2016, we will outline as per the market preferences and customer reviews. The prices might be somehow high, but you will be sure to get value for your money. The following cameras are the most suitable regarding what they have to offer:

1. Sony A7R II

 Popular Cameras

This camera is the mirrorless type and has a 42.4-megapixel capability. The camera lens is of the Sony E-mount full frame type. The camera is best suited for the expert as well as professional photographers. Also, the camera has 4k capabilities and offers image capturing at a speed of % frames per second.

The Sony AR7 has stood out among its competitors such as the Canon and Nikon … Read More

12 Important Tips and Ideas for Drone Photography

Arial Photography Tips

Aerial Photography Tips And Ideas

Aerial photography is now possible by use of various technologies. Among the techniques used is the quadcopter photography. Drones are popular when it comes to the production of movies as well as capturing images of the beautiful landscapes at a high point of view.

In this article, we will discuss the best tips and ideas for quadcopter photography so as to attain good quality pictures.

The Tips And Ideas Are As Follows:


 Photography Tips

The assumption has led aerial photographers into thinking that taking photos near the ground level results in better pictures below the drone. In reality, images shot near the ground level are not as good. As a photographer, you should have the tendency to take shots at high altitudes.

The higher the altitude, the larger the field of view. Hence, high-quality … Read More

One of the Best Drones for Aerial Photography

Draganflyer-X4-Es Aerial Photography

DraganFlyer X4-ES Review

Drone is a flying robot that is commonly used for aerial photography. It enables you to control it easily by use of a remote or an onboard computer. You can use it for cinematography and aerial view. It is easy for photographers to get hired because of their professional work with a drone.

DraganFlyer X4-ES is the best drone you should try in 2016. It’s amazingly beautiful and has professional quality. It is easy to fly and is also powerful. It is specially created for industrial as well as commercial aerial photography and cinematography.

DraganFlyer X4-ES drone can be very helpful for a photographer to deploy fast for an emergency case and is for simple transport.

A Canopy on the drone is used to include your company logo or name. DraganFlyer X4-ES is 100 percent made by their team adding all electronic … Read More

Popular Camera Drones Of 2016

Popular Camera Drones

Camera Drones For Photography

Technology is evolving day in day out. Among the gadgets that are incurring serious technological changes is the camera. Evolution of cameras is occurring due to the necessities in the market. Among the influencing factors in the market are the mainstream producers. Nowadays film producers opt for camera drones due to the high quality of images and videos produced.

Hence, a smooth quadcopter is best suited for the job as it can carry out aerial photography very well. The main feature that is attracting the film producers, as well as photographers is the ability of the camera drone to rotate on any axis. As a result, taking quality photographs from any dimension is possible in an aerial view.

Such cameras are available in a variety of brands, but as usual only a few seem to impress the general public. Price depends … Read More

Battle Of The Infrared Imaging Cameras_ FLIR ONE Versus Seek Thermal Compact

Thermal Imaging Camera

Battle Of  The Infrared Imaging Cameras

Infrared technology, especially the thermal imaging technology has come in ages. Thermal imaging is now used in cameras to locate weak spots in structures using the difference in the rate at which the surfaces of an object emit heat waves. The images formed using these cameras are red and blue; blue for cold surfaces and red for red-hot surfaces.  A thermal imaging camera can be used professionally in different industries, from home  or building inspectors, A/C  or plumbing diagnostics, agriculture with crops, and many other applications.

After many years of evolution of the Infrared radiation imaging thermal devices have finally come to retail prices for the typical consumers by integrating the ability to see and measure infrared radiation using a Smartphone; an iPhone for now. Two favorite cameras that have the IF technology are FLIR and the Seek Thermal Read More

Aerial Photography Tips, Tricks & Euipment settings

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography involves taking a picture of objects on the ground while the camera is positioned above it. The camera may be still in motion, capturing from a helicopter, a balloon, a drone or any other device. Capturing images, therefore, may pose a great challenge and require prior understanding of the settings suitable for the best photography. The setting includes understanding how to select the appropriate shutter speed, focus, and metering as well as ISO.

Shutter Speed, km

How much light to enter and fall on the charge coupled device is controlled by the shutter of the camera. The speed of the shutter is in multiples of seconds and controls the movement in the picture.

Some of the best cameras on the store today feature a shutter speed of between 1/500 to 1/1000 of a second. High-speed moving objects produce blurred images … Read More

Digital Camera Review-Canon EOS Rebel T5

Popular Cameras

Popular Cameras: Canon EOS Rebel T5

Cameras have been known best as gadgets that are used to capture the moment. Canon is among the companies that are involved in the manufacturing of these technological devices. Their cameras produce high-quality pictures. As a result, I may say that this is the best camera suited for a professional photographer.


Popular Cameras

Among the cameras under the Canon brand name is Canon EOS Rebel T5 that is sold for $399. The camera has an 18-mega pixel sensor. Also, the camera has the capability of recording videos in full HD 1080 pixel form. A 3-inch screen that is of LCD type is also put in place so as to enhance the user experience. The T5 is quite remarkable as compared to the cameras that came before it. The camera is best suited for amateur photographers that are new to the … Read More